I recently spent a couple of weeks in Iceland. I'm using this blog post as a dump of information about things I learned or wish to remember about the trip and Iceland in general.

Summer “Nights”

During the summer, Iceland gets around 20-22 hours of daylight. I was aware of this, but greatly underestimated (overestimated?) what “nighttime” looked like. At the peak of darkness, it was still reasonably bright (I would say it was dim). This took some getting used to and initially affected my sleep. A sleepmask helped with the initial adjustments from near-constant daylight.

Driving Through Fjords

Driving through fjords is visually fascinating but time consuming. If you are using a paper map, what appears to be a “short” drive can be long. (This is obnoxiously obvious in hindsight)


Whale watching is worth it. Puffin watching is not. Also, when driving, birds may have a tendency to dive bomb the car.

Rental Car

Get a decent rental car. When you are driving alongside a mountain on wet roads in a dense fog, doing 180° turns with an intermittent power-steering system is nerve-wracking.

Notable Food and Stuff

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